• Sandy C.
    I look forward to taking Nicole's hot power yoga class every week! It is the perfect way to practice yoga! The class is intense, yet has a calm about it.

    Nicole has changed the way I think and she truly helps me stay grounded every week. No matter how bad my week is, I am always reminded to live in the present and be grateful for the day!

    This class also has gotten me physically stronger! I highly recommend trying Nicole's class. You won’t be disappointed and you'll be hooked!
    Sandy C.
  • Annie C.
    Loved the power yoga class!! Great workout and even better instructor!
    Annie C.
  • Katrina G.
    Nicole is intuitive, kind and gentle! I love every time we get together and always leave feeling inspired and renewed. Thanks girl -xo
    Katrina G.
  • Greg C.
    Nicole has proven over many years to be a person of substance. Her business is now just an extension of herself; and the public will benefit greatly. Get involved with her ASAP!
    Greg C.
  • Stephanie T.
    Nicole's warm personality aligns with her style of yoga as much as her unique ability to push her students just a little bit more each class is a reflection of her passion and commitment.

    She also intuitively connects her daily readings to something relevant in each of our lives. I always feel lighter, taller, and more connected when I leave her class!
    Stephanie T.
  • Valerie C.
    I am so grateful I got to experience your first of many amazing classes yesterday. The space is beautiful and will truly bring out the best in all of us. Thank you for making yoga accessible and welcoming to all. You are an inspiration on and off the mat.
    Valerie C.
  • Amy G.
    I was so honored to be there this morning for the first class in this beautiful space.
    Amy G.