New Student Special: $39 for 30 Days
Students under 23, First Responders, Military and Veterans receive 20% off Drop-In and Membership pricing.
*Valid  ID required, purchase must be made in-studio.
Visit our new studio in person or use the Mindbody App to sign-up and start your journey with us now.



In order for all Yogis to get the best out of their Root Down experience…

1I’m new to the studio, what do I do?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time. This ensures that you can get a quick tour of the studio and get settled in time. Please bring a yoga mat, towel and water. If you do not have a mat, no problem, one can be rented for $3.

2How do I set up my mat?
We work with a “clear space, clear mind” mentality and ask that you place your props, water bottles and sweat towels at the top of your mat.

3My day is crazy!! What if I’m late or need to leave early?
Unfortunately, we need to lock the Main Street door at the start of class, in order to provide safety to the studio’s belongings as well as yours. Please be on time. Although we recommend staying for the whole class and getting your Savasana on, we understand that life happens and you may need to leave a few minutes early. If you need to leave early, please quietly leave before Savasana begins. Exit the studio through the interior of the building.

4How old do I have to be to practice Baptiste Power Yoga?
You can come and practice at the studio if you’re 14 years of age. However from ages, 14-17, you must be accompanied by an adult and have a waiver signed by that adult.

5Are there any studio policies I need to know about?

Yes, there are a few courtesies we would appreciate you adhering to in order for all yogis to get the best ROOT DOWN experience possible!!

Our reception area is designed to be a community gathering place for all who enter! Chat, shop, read, hang up your coat and kick off your shoes. Please enter the yoga studio mindfully as fellow yogis may be needing a calm atmosphere before their practice.

Help us keep it clean by leaving shoes and any food in the lobby.

All phones must stay with personal belongings in the lobby on silent mode. If you are wearing an Apple watch, please set it to Airplane mode…it will still record your workout and see all those calories burned!

It’s simple. No shoes, phones or food in the practice space.

The only things you need are your mat, towel and water, leave the rest to us!